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Character Name: Crossfire.
Generation: Bayverse.
Affiliation: Autobot.
Alignment: Good.


Reflex: 3.
Strength: 4.
Stamina: 3.
Speed(s): (m/a/j) 3/6/0


Weapons and special abilities: Her only weapons are two plasma cannons, but while she lacks in weapons, her special abilities make up for it in that she is highly sensitive to others' emotions/moods and is highly intelligent. She prefers to stay out of battle but will fight if there are no other options or if she snaps.
Personality: Shy, quiet and self-conscious to the extreme, she doesn't speak unless she's spoken to most of the time. In situations of extreme stress she breaks down into fear and will ask for help until the situation is over, if she can't get help she'll try her best to get through the situation without hurting anyone. If faced with her emotions or feelings she freezes and prefers to avoid the subject if she can, if unavoidable she becomes flustered and tries to say what she needs to say without making herself feel worse. But after snapping, she becomes almost the complete opposite until she's had a chance to calm down.
Description: (OOC note: Her description can be found in this public entry:

This is the role-playing journal for the original character Crossfire. She is from the Transformers 07/09/11 movie continuity. I do not make any profit. Transformers belongs to Hasbro and affiliates.
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