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The place and time were too long forgotten by any who weren't there. But the young femme, barely beyond her "teenage" upgrade, would never be the same again.

She was on her own, no other Autobots within lightyears when she fell into his trap. The brutish Decepticon had waited a few microts until the young Autobot was feet from his hiding place. Crossfire, the designation given to the femme by her creators when she was first assembled, was trying to find her way to locate the AllSpark cube when she saw the Decepticon's reflection in the smooth surface of her upraised arm duraplating. With a quick "thump" he landed within feet of her, taking advantage of the shock by slamming a closed fist into her faceplates. The force knocked her backwards across the craggy surface of the giant asteroid, shattering rock and sending cracks through her faceplates.

She didn't even know who the Decepticon was as she picked herself up off the ground before being slammed into again by Overbite as he bore down on her repeatedly, kicking and punching her while she lay helpless on the rocky ground. The final blow would come when she was unconscious, systems nearing critical failure as the Decepticon pulled out his freeze cannon and shot her with it, almost completely encasing her in ice as she became completely vulnerable to his next attack that never came.

Her brother, Crosshair, came and took over her fate, reprimanding Overbite for the senseless violence, carrying his now-frozen sister away from the asteroid. He was a Seeker under Starscream's command and even though Starscream told him to bring him any Autobots he came across, Crosshair kept his little sister secret from the Decepticon second in command.

Flying to another asteroid belt just a few lightyears from the Milky Way galaxy, Crosshair placed Crossfire in a cave on one of the biggest asteroids in the belt. With much care, he broke the ice encasing her and did what he could to help her before abandoning her again.


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